K-12 NYC Field Trips


The cast of EIGHT IS NEVER ENOUGH (Improv 4 Kids for Grades K-5) host 300+ schools/year at the Times Square theater. In the busy months the cat runs 2-3 shows at a time in the venues three theaters (60, 80 and 200 seats) OVERVIEW OF OUTREACH PROGRAMS


Improv Comedy is invaluable to the development of every student. The shows and workshops teach team work, creative thinking and writing, public speaking, self confidence and researching information when you don’t know the answer. But perhaps most importantly, a chance to laugh is a chance to relax and enjoy life. THE SCIENCE OF LAUGHTER says laughter helps all systems of the body and reduces stress, creating better students.

$10pp Show or Workshop 60-90 minute program
(Grades Pre-K thru College level)
$15pp SHOW & WORKSHOP 2-3 Hours
(Grades 3 & up)
(Popular with 5th & 8th grade trips)

Broadway Comedy Club
318 West 53rd Street
New York, NY 10019

SHOWS 60-90 minute program includes a Q&A with the cast. Based on audience suggestions and participation the cast creates original music, theater and comedy on the spot. Many students are invited on stage to help create original stories.

WORKSHOPS 60-120 minutes get the students on stage creating original stories and learning games of warm-up, technique and performance. A must for any future performer the training is invaluable to all.

Educational value of these shows and workshops can last long after we present our programs. Please print the following and present before or after shows & workshops.

STAGE 101 < http://www.eightimprov.biz/STAGE101 > Generic rules of thumb when talking in front of people.Great advice for join interviews, public speeches and live performance.

ANTI BULLY WORD FIND < http://www.eightimprov.biz/antibullwordfind > Improv requires a strong team that says YES AND and supports each other. Same rules should apply to society as all deserve a chance to shine and be counted equals. Study Guide helps define what students experience with Improv shows & workshops and ties in the powerful ANTI BULLY message.

MASTERCLASS 1 & 2 are overviews of our basic level workshops. They also outline what a student would learn in our residence more in depth with basic descriptions of games to be played. Perfect to hand out after workshops for review AND teachers can use to play games in class.

We get student groups from around the world for shows and workshops in addition to numerous NYC area groups including schools, camps, scouts, and after school programs. CLICK HERE to see what other teachers are saying about our programs

“A PRODUCTION YOU AND YOUR CHILDREN DON’T TO MISS” – ABC NEWS Coverage of 2007 field trip for 200 3rd Graders at the NYC Laugh Factory