Lauren O’Brien, Avant Rocker


Saturday 9/28 9:30pm
Broadway Cabaret Cafe
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Avant rocker Lauren O’Brien, two-time winner of the New Century Music Award, simply cannot stop evolving: from leading roles with experimental theatre troupe Terra Incognita to featuring at CMJ, touring North America and blowing the doors off NYC’s busiest clubs with musical collaborators like MTV’s Matt Fisher (featured in Made) and Gary Pickard (director of the NY Drum Institute), O’Brien is “fierce, fearless, and a force to be reckoned with,” according to international recording artist Rachael Sage.

 ”Lauren O’Brien takes her fans from the spoken word onto a circus ride through never never land, then kicks their rocknroll ass all over town before she heals them with love’s cascade….” 

– David Tanner GNYC

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