#Edutainment Shows & Workshops for K-12 Schools perfect to start semester


sgfbannerImprov Shows & Workshops are the perfect way to start the new Semester with some laughs and invaluable edutainment in Creativity (Writing & Thinking), Community (Team, Respect, Anti Bully, Listening) and Leadership (Public Speaking, Eye Contact, Self Confidence, Self Respect). We host Field Trips to our NYC Theater AND travel to your school for Assemblies, After School, and evening shows, workshops, residencies and Professional Development.

In the past, many schools book 8 Improv / Improv 4 Kids as the fun end of year assembly / field trip. But the shows and workshops do so much more than entertain they are the perfect way to help set the right tone at the beginning of the year and for the new Semester Winter/Spring.


STEP ONE: Our program should always start with a show. Introduce the program with big laughs and the students will never know your ulterior motives to educate and discipline. With Study guides the shows alone begin to stress the importance of team and respect to create the show (ANTI BULLY WORD FIND). Study Guides also introduce importance of good public speaking (STAGE 101).

Step TWO: Either on the same day OR at a later date, the teaching artists can present a Master Class (30-60 minute workshop) that introduces how to warm up as a team and individually preparing to perform. Teacher tells students importance of Breath, Focus, Listening, Eye Contact, Projection, Diction and more. As time permits (60-90 minute sessions) teachers will go farther into teaching basic technique of Improv and even some performance games.

STEP THREE: Professional Development: Our Teaching artists present their master class to teachers and staff at your school. This serves a dual purpose. ONE) your staff can continue the work long after our staff departs. TWO) Improv Workshops serve amazingly for Team Building. These same workshops have been presented to fortune 500 companies. Teachers are basically performers having to hold the attention of a class. Some teachers are amazing and could teach our workshops, while others are shy, soft spoken, and often out right scared. Teams that laugh together go back and create greatness. We break down barriers and get the conversations started. Have us back for round two and we can customize our workshops to focus on teacher conflict management with students, staff, admin, parents etc

STEP FOUR: Residencies, Weekly Classes and more… If you have 1-2 students that say they want to pursue this art form further, we have public classes in Times Square AND have teachers all over the city at after school programs and some cases in classes working with DOE teachers to present Electives in Fine Arts and ELA..

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